Dermal fillers are used to target the following areas:

  • Lips: Used to enhance volume which is lost naturally as we age. Redefine your lip shape and banish bleeding lip lines. We can minimise those lines above and below the lips, which are exaggerated when pursing (and kissing!) and have you puckered to perfection.
  • Cheeks: Used to enhance volume, add hydration and also to contour. Did you know that it is the loss of volume in the cheeks that causes deep lines between your nose and outer lips? A relatively subtle treatment to the cheeks can make quite a difference to your downturned mouth!
  • Under eyes: Used to erase the hollowness and evidence of too many sleepless nights.
  • Nasolabial folds: (from the nose to corners of mouth; Used to soften these folds, and encourage natural collagen renewal. This area is most often corrected by the lifting effect of cheek filler
  • Deep Lines: While muscle relaxants will soften the majority of lines and wrinkles some deeper ones will benefit from fillers. In some areas, one dermal filler treatment is sometimes enough to correct long term lines when used in conjunction with regular muscle relaxants. We can use dermal fillers on many lines such as smile lines, frown lines, lip lines, crow’s feet and foreheads.
  • Hands or décolletage: Used mostly for rehydration
  • Chin and jaw lines: Used to give a smoother chin line by filling lose areas of the jaw lines and chin.

Consultations are a must, as not all clients are suitable for dermal fillers.